Those Little Tales That Spark…thank you

News usually depresses me. Dealing with business transactions sometimes elevates my blood pressure. The senseless spending in my small town sometimes makes me despair. When I feel down, a few of the sites I visit or listen to for a boost of energy, sanity, and a few good laughs, are:, TED Talks, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! (a hilarious NPR news quiz show),, or music radio stations. Recently, Washington Post added a weekly “Optimist” news collection, and I find at least one worthy story every other week. A few weeks ago, the story/video on “Recycled Orchestra/Landfill Harmonic” touched me enormously; it’s a lovely story for the holiday season. There is such joy, beauty, innovation, creativity…and life, packed in a video clip less than four-minute long. Please make sure you read the postscript.

Did you feel some sensation coursing through your body and soul when the young man struck the chords on his cello? If so, please share this video with as many people as your social media will reach.



If you travel for the holidays, be safe. Wherever you are for the holidays, enjoy your time with your beloved ones. And have a wonderful New Year.

I will resume in this space 1/4/2015. Till then,

 Be joyful.

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