Final Summer-Lite On: Bird Brain

Pretend that I am tweeting in this space.

For those “supposedly smart people” who get in trouble for the content of their tweets, my reaction is:  Why do it?  I am less puzzled by the offensive content than I am by their urge to tweet it…especially for some who actually have thousands of followers.  A professor of psychology was recently censured for tweeting that obese people lack the commitment to get their graduate degrees (because they cannot lose weight).  Prof of psych?!  Bad content is bad enough, but tweeting it is simply colossal, monumental, and beyond-stupid judgment.  Sending email messages to wrong addresses is a genuine “oops.”  Is there an accidental tweet?!

Have an accident-free Labor Day weekend.  Enjoy!  Be back on 9/8.

Till then,

Staying Sane and Charging Ahead.

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